Oddities and Curiosities

I'm moving a very small amount of old content to this new format, and will publish new pieces here if I ever get around to authoring new stuff. More details are in the about page.

Okay, a bit of an update (August, 2021). Things are great -- aside from the whole neverending global pandemic thing -- but I've made zero headway in posting technical articles here, not least because there are a lot of great authors of wonderful content (e.g. Bartosz Ciechanowski, 3Blue1Brown, etc) and it just doesn't feel like there's the gap that there once was.

Life has kept me very busy: We as an industry are at an extraordinary moment where there have been exponential leaps in a lot of technology underpinning (neural engines, network capacity, storage speed and economics, wireless technology both fixed and adhoc, etc) that are barely being leveraged. Some adventures in filling those gaps have kept me actively, and happily engaged. I love -- LOVE -- this industry and its challenges, opportunities, new techniques and toolings, and the delight all of those bring. And of course those take priority over this little side project. I'll get to it again eventually, hopefully.