Success Through Communities

Over the past couple of days I’ve noticed hundreds upon hundredsof hits in my logs coming from Aftersome analysis I determined that a user there rather rudely embeddedan image on this site – a rather large picture of the Scotia Bankoffice tower in Toronto – in a discussion thread. Quite apart fromthe fact that the picture is being used unattributed (if it’s goodenough to use, then it’s good enough to attribute), it’s basicallysilently stealing my bandwidth quota. Very rude.

When people have done this in the past I’ve surprized them withdelightful and entertaining image alterations, but in this case I’mjust going to ignore it and let the thread die down. After lookingat the source of the traffic, however, I’ve been reminded of themost common, and most successful, internet play – put upa site about some sort of fly-by information (for instanceskyscraper diagrams), and then add discussion links. Soon enoughyou’ll have a robust community ofusers who share that interest, spending hours a day debatingwhether Chicago isa better looking city than Dubai. It seems like a prettytenuous foundation for a community, but there it is.