Microsoft’s Unrequited Love

Microsoft tries, and fails, to recruit open-sourceguru. In reply, Eric Raymondridicules the offer: “I’ve in fact been something pretty close toyour company’s worst nightmare since about 1997.” [Computerworld News]

How utterly juvenile. 

Eric S.Raymond still seems to live in a world where he believeshimself to be much more important than actual reality would imply.Microsoft’s worst nightmare With all due respect to Mr. Raymond,himself and Mr. Stallman have probably been the two greatestimpediments to the adoptionof Linux, putting a quack, cult-of-personality face on what isotherwise a technological tour de force (it is remarkable how muchmore earthed and pragmatic Mr. Torvalds is about the OS incontrast). I have never met Eric personally, but I always got theimpression that he was terribly overrated (I read the Cathedraland the Bazaar and found it trite and unpersuasive).

I could just imagine some random Microsoft recruiter doing blogsearches and noting some ESR guy, and offering him a probing offer,only to get this sort of nonsense in reply. It’s very JuniorHigh-esque.

[UPDATE: I haven’t been following Slashdot as much as I used to,but this was discussedthere. One of the comments linked to a hilariousgraphic as well]