The Cost of Installs Pt II

After the laborious process of uninstalling all of a prior .NET 2.0beta, and then installing SQL Server 2005 on one of my devmachines, now the Visual Studio 2003 install (which of courseutilizes .NET 1.1) is spitting up with an automation error,refusing to run. So now I’m stuck with repairing that install,unsure what exactly is causing the issue (I didn’t installReporting Services, so why this impacted Visual Studio 2003 is amystery to me). [UPDATE: A repair did nothing, and there are nogoogle hits that describe the same symptom, so now it’s a fulluninstall and reinstall. A quick project I wanted to bang off inthe small amount of time available has already had most of theavailable time eaten by this sort of issue]

I appreciate that I should try betas on virtual machines, and oftenI do, but maintaining and configuring virtual machines is a timeconsuming process, and for some installs I expect there to be somelevel of side-by-side capabilities. I never had a problem with anyof the prior betas of VS.NET 2005, or SQL Server 2005, so whoknows.