The Cost of Installs Pt III

After reinstalling Visual Studio 2003 (while I could try diagnosingevery single possibility, I just needed the machine up and runningas soon as possible), the problem persisted – “Could not createautomation server” whenever I added a project to a solution,failing the operation. Somehow something was broken during theprocess of uninstall a prior CTP of SQL Server 2005 (and the .NET2.0 runtime), and installing the newer version.

In any case, I eventually tracked it down to the scripting enginebeing broken, so I downloaded the 5.6 scripting engine. Of course the MSI wasblissfully unaware, and thus belligerent towards, Windows Server2003 (which I use as a development/test workstation), so I had torun it in an XP compatibility mode, but that solved the problem.This is entered in the archives just in case someone in the futurehas this problem.