Thistechnology demo is a fantastic watch, and is truly arevolution in the way data access will occur in our .NETapplications. A LINQ technology preview can be downloaded for thejust-released Visual Studio 2005 Release Candidate here.The LINQ project page can be found here.I’m trying out the LINQ technology preview and will post morethoughts shortly.

Another part of the LINQ project to watch closely will be theObject Relational technology in DLINQ. Both of these will be hugely useful in dissolving thetremendous disconnect that has traditionally existed betweenrelational persistent storage and our code.

Tough to listen to the hype machine kicking up for C# 3.0,though, given that C# 2.0 isn’t even to production yet. It’s greatto be prepared for new technologies, and to get your input in atthis stage so they can make it the best that it can be, but stillit’s really difficult to find the time to learn currentlyimpractical technologies when there are so many practical technologies we canlearn to help us today.