Murphy’s Law of Computer Unavailability

I authored an entry this morning detailing how my PCs – whichfor conservation reasons I regularly turn-off/hibernate except whenin use – mysteriously fail to restart whenever I reallycritically need them immediately. e.g. When I have to graba piece of info before I head out the door, or I’m on the phone andneed an address. In such situations, with an unbelievablyhigh degree of correlation,  the hibernation restartwill fail, or the BIOS will throw up some random error, or Windows2003 will stall on the beginning progress bar – Somethingwill happen that screws up the startup. I’m forced to power down onthe back of the power supply (otherwise the next startup willbizarrely claim that no keyboard is attached), and then wait forthe time-sucking from-scratch startup. Perhaps in such a rushedsituation I hit the power button more vigorously, or in my haste Ishuffle my feet on the carpet and deliver a static shock to my PC:There has to be some rational explanation forthis, as my systems are flawless the other 96% of the time(when it doesn’t really matter how quickly I can get at them).

It has since become apparent this information –revealing the malice and schadenfreude of our PCs– had to be suppressed. Upon trying to post this I discovered was down due to a RAID failure (what they really need isa RARAID). When it finally came up, after 4 hours of downtime, andthe big chance came for the post to be published, Radio Userlandpromptly spit up a GPF and unceremoniously deleted that entry.

Coincidence I think not…