Opera Browser Free-As-In-Beer

While I’m currently a Mozilla Firefoxuser, I was a very satisfied user of Opera for some time, enjoying some ofits superbly implemented innovations such as mousegestures. The “downside” of Opera, and a large impediment to itsadoption, was the browser-embedded banner ads if you didn’tpurchase a registration key (which few did, as relates back to apriorentry where I observed that the only widespread competitors toMicrosoft on the Windows desktop are free-as-in-beer software.Opera costed a marginal amount of money, so like many other piecesof software in that situation it remained a fringe applicationdespite its many competitive advantages).

Opera has apparently finally tossed in the towel in its quest tosell their application on its ample merit (check out the feature sheet – nativeSVG rendering, super fast andlightweight, highly standards compliant, integrated RSS – This is atop notch browser), and is now offering their superb browser forfree, downloadable here.Presumably they’re moving to more “modern” revenue techniques likepay support, and perhaps partner agreements.

Even if you don’t make it your primary browser, you simply mustgive it a try on your favourite websites and evaluate it on merit.At the very least ensure that sites you develop work properly inOpera as well.

[Slashdot has a discussionregarding this. Additionally I should note that if Opera seeswidespread adoption, which I highly doubt given the lack ofcompetitive application “shopping” among the Windows userbase, itmay prove my SVG is deadclaim wrong]