Superlative Surveys

After finding a couple of minutes over the past couple of nights(tough when you have two young children), I finally got thesurvey/poll component put together, as you can see from a couple ofthe entries with attached surveys. Obviously these are mostly forentertainment purposes, and will only marginally track with reality(e.g. the motivated are more likely to vote, and they’re morelikely to encourage like minded people to vote, etc). Although noneof the samples demonstrate it, the surveys allow for amulti-question format, which would allow for statisticalcorrelations (e.g. “90% of the people who want to work for Googlealso say that Google is definitely not evil”).

In any case it’s a nice little multi-tier project with aMicrosoft Access backend (as that’s what my host provides), thoughI need to put together a SQL Server plug-in data module as well,which will be trivial (actually I’m using the OLEDB provider and aconfig file connection string, and technically the queries are allstandard SQL, so with the same schema the same module should work.It’s late and I’m tired, so I haven’t really thought this through).It uses copious caching, so it’s actually fairly performant(especially for a relatively low volume blog like this). Anyhoo,after I clean it up a bit, and add a basic administration page, I’mconsidering releasing the source. I’m sure there are plenty ofcraptacular competitors that do the same thing, but I think it’spretty elegant.