Super Valuable GUID Generator! Worth $299.95

Here’s a super high-value C# console application that’s going to corner the GUID creation market.

using System;
 using System.Windows.Forms;

namespace yafla.yaflaGuid 
  class GuidToClipboard 
   static void Main(string[] args)
    string guidString
 = System.Guid.NewGuid().ToString("B");

I’m constantly in need of GUIDs (“Can you spare a GUID please, sir?”), and generally use guidgen.exe, included with the Visual Studio tools. The problem with it, however, is two fold – it’s too many steps, and it includes a line feed on the end of the notepad copied guid. Annoying.

Finally I made the incredibly complex console application that you find above, generating a GUID (with no tailing linefeed), copying it to the clipboard for use elsewhere, and then spitting it out on the console (if I didn’t want the console, err, “feature”, this would be one unique line over the standard console wizard output).

Enjoy this revolution in GUID creation.

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