Google Dumps Web Standards!

An article was mentioned on Slashdot regarding Google’s (orYahoo’s) creation of somesort of web-based Office suite. While the story is actuallybaseless speculation (it is supported as much as the title of thisentry is), it did make me pause and contemplate where Google isgoing next. Consider for a moment that Google’s primaryinnovation hasn’t really been new products or technologies, butrather a business model and transactional efficiency that allowsthem to offer unprecedented amounts of processing, storageand bandwidth for users: Google has managed to makemoney offering services that most thought prohibitivelycostly. Google has absolutely redefined the market, andcontinues to do so with each release.

Given that Google has become a market leader, I see no reasonwhy Google needs to continue to be tied to DHTML. Even with theso-called AJAX, HTML is realistically too coarse for something asrich as an Office suite (don’t get me wrong – I was making highlydynamic engine control systems, using “AJAX” style methods,over 5 years ago. Nonetheless it is primarily a documentlayout technology, and shouldn’t be shoehorned into everyneed). It would be a waste of engineering manpower to attemptto solve that problem with the wrong technologies.

I can entirely foresee Google completely splitting from HTML forsome products – Google is one company that could release newservices accessible via RDP orsome otherstreaming graphical or vector format, and it would be immediatelyembraced by the community. If Google didn’t leverage an existingtechnology, but instead invented something new, they wouldundoubtedly release it as a standard. A real Web 2.0 would beborn.