This Blog’s One Month Birthday

Today marks the one month anniversary of the beginning of thisblog. During that period I’ve put up a ton of content -really I’ve used it more as a straightforward CMS than a blog (myprior manual content management process was a mess, and this isjust a world better). I’ve been very happy with theprocess and the feedback, and the excellent response I’ve seen fromthe community, and I most certainly plan on continuing: One nicething about constantly mulling over ideas, and being able to typequickly, is that it only takes a few moments a day to maintainthis.

Furthermore, a robust comment system is in the testingstage and will be live imminently, and hopefully it will give usersa lot more of a voice to agree or (more likely) disagree. It willprobably make it a lot more entertaining (for both readers andmyself).

Thanks for making it worthwhile.