Digital Photography and GPS

In my prior entry, titled EXIF -Digital Photography and GPS, I opined that we would see arevolution in digital photography once digital cameras startedutilizing the available GPS related tags in the EXIF datastructures. I received a couple of great responses, including oneby Luke Francl where he pointed me to two great links – Mappr!, which is a dynamic applicationthat displays Flickr photos,geocoded based upon their user added tags (e.g. A flower with thekeywords Seattle, Washington would appropriately displayin Seattle), and Photospace, which is anapplication that logs GPS data on your PC, and then in “postprocessing”, so to speak, it sets the geographical information onthe images (by correlating times. e.g. a photo taken at 1:37pmcorrelates with an external GPS entry saying that you were atX & Y). A very nice stopgap solution until cameras themselvesintegrate this functionality.

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