Sound Dynamics R606 Speakers

Almost a decade ago I picked up a pair of relatively inexpensiveSound Dynamics R606 floor-standing speakers. Using the samecomponents from their high-end line (I believe Mirage was thehigh-end marketing name), these were the poor-man’s version. Istill have them today, and they are extraordinary.I have never, anywhere, heard better sounding speakers overall, andI’ve either purchased or auditioned a large number of dramaticallymore expensive brands and models, and I’ve tried to follow theadvice by a lot of audiophile magazine. Still, though, the voicingand realism of the reproduction that comes from the R606 is justunparalleled – I watched a DVD with them as the fronts for thefirst time recently, and the realism was absolutely spooky.

Of course like all speakers they aren’t perfect – they can get abit muddy for percussion in the lower range, and they aren’t reallysuited to loud “rock” style music. Yet for other music,particularly of the female vocal genre, they are exemplary.

The only really point here is that with speakers, you don’tnecessarily get what you pay for: You might get much more, or muchless. The only real consideration of a speaker’s performance is toactually audition it.