is Going to a Wiki

I registered that domain some time ago, primarily as apublishing location of various SQL Server articles that I’veself-published. Since then I’ve gotten a tonne of interest bypeople who’d like to contribute (people who know me and like mystuff), mostly people irritated seeing it sitting idle (I’ve hadfar too much on my plate for a while).

As such, today I switched http://www.professionalsqlserver.comover to a MediaWiki (thepowerful platform that Wikipedia runs atop), though it’ll take awhile for the DNS change to fully propagate. It should make forinteresting times, and I hope to learn a lot about onlinecollaboration, and about the MediaWiki platform. Right now it’s abit of a mess, but I tend to exploit and master these things prettyquickly, so watch for it to get really exciting quickly.