Why Can’t I Answer The Survey?

I’ve added several entertaining surveys to go along with entrieson here over the past couple of weeks, and have gotten a greatresponse, however some users have questioned why they immediatelyget the results for the survey without the ability to pick a choicethemselves.

This can happen for several reasons-

  • The survey is no longer active. I have start and stop times onthe surveys, which allows me to age out surveys and cache theresults. I am thinking of ways to add a nice “Survey Closed” noticeon them.
  • You already answered and have the “I answered” cookie on yourmachine
  • You picked “View Results”. Reload the page and you’ll get theoptions again where applicable
  • Someone else answered, and the system is correlating them withyou because of shared traits (such as the IP address of ashared mega proxy). Even if you don’t have the user or answercookies in your browser, the system may stilldecide that you must have flushed your cookie cache, and thatyou’ve actually already answered. Trying to identify people on thenet is a difficult, flawed process, so there will be mistakes.