Of Styles and Blogs

This blog is ugly.

It started off with one of the stock Radio Userland templates(which, I think, are pretty much universally ugly) and I modifiedslowly from there, working towards the rather utilitarianvision that I have for this site. I find the sight of frequentlyused templates – particularly the ultra-cliched common ones(like the typical WordPress templates) – really tiring after awhile.

Nonetheless, I’ve been attempting to update some of the stylesas I get the time and inclination, and hopefully it’s at leastmarginally less insulting to your rods and cones. I canconfidentally say that it at least passes as legitimate HTML 4.01Transitional now.

Of course style is completely subjective, and to make thesubjectiveness of blogs (or any content page for that matter) asubject of a rant, one of the hacks of HTML that I’m not a huge fanof is the fixed-pixel-width blog – someone made some sort of bannergraphic, or had it in their template, so it is thus solidified –their blog is exactly 612 pixels wide. Here I amreading it at 1600×1200, with gigantic swaths of blank space oneither side, with the actual content (supposedly the purpose of theblog) filling a relatively tiny panel in the center. Smaller stillgiven that the 3-column format, such that you see here, is oftenshoehorned into that miniscule 612 pixels.

To add to the insult, the font is usually huge and line spacingcavernous.