HTML and Scheduled Standards Iterations

Just a brief entry today as time is short.

I got a lot of great feedback for yesterday’s entry – OPTGROUP andthe Pace of Standards. It was a mixed set of responses thatwere both educational and entertaining. I love the feedback, so ifyou have a comment please feel free to drop me a line (I might postan entry about your comments, though I won’t quote you without yourpermission. Note that I do monitor referrals, so if you make yourcomment on a blog with a link, it will be noted just like atrackback).

It is remarkable how quagmired the base foundation of the web,HTML, has become. We live in the most dynamic software worldthat has ever existed, yet much of the infrastructure is thesame artefacts from the 90s duct taped together in precarious (andgrotesquely redundant) ways.