Take a One-Minute Audio Vacation

It’s been around for a while, but a lot of people still haven’texperienced it – The Quiet American’sOne-Minute Vacations Site. It’s an expanding collection of usersubmitted 60-second audio samples from around the world. Absolutelyfascinating to listen to, and many of them really do take youthere. Take a minute break and go on a vacation.

While people often use the term “Audio Blogging” to refer to thespoken word (which, when fed through RSS, becomes podcasting), Isee these sort of audio samples to be more analogous -though in the audio realm – to photo blogging. As much asI appreciate the Quiet American, it would be interesting to have asite like Flickr-for-audio-samples, with thousands or millions ofsamples from around the world. Heck, maybe just the Flickr we knowand love, but with the addition of audio. It would be interestingto see photos of an Indian market, coupled with some audio samples,and be able to search and browse by keywords.

Of course naturally one would think “Duh…that’s video withaudio…That’s Google Video“,however video remains too unwieldy, and in the hands of aless-than-expert it very seldom captures the essence of a scenelike a carefully taken photo does, nor does it facilitate quick andeasy consumption.