yaflaColor Goes AJAX

Okay, I’m being facetiousin the title.

I knew at the outset that there was no reason for the serverside processing, but I was avoiding the minor – but still ofsubstance (e.g. an hour of my life) – creation of JavaScript codefor the colour space conversions. I finally got a moment to hashthat together tonight, so the page now allows for colour changesand variations entirely on the client side, with no post backs. Icontemplated keeping the post-backs to have dubious functionalitylike “here’s the colours that other users are creating!” butrealized that would be pretty silly.

Computer Skills

Visit yaflaColortoday for all of your colour matching and scaling needs. I’vetested with IE, Opera and Mozilla/Firefox, and it workssuccessfully in those, but your mileage will vary (as it doesdepend upon DHTML and some less-standard elements of JavaScript).[UPDATE: After several updates more, I’m extremely satisfied withthe results. Basically the only change that I still might do isimproving the aesthetics of the sliders to rounded inlaid sliders,but otherwise it completely scratches my itch).

The tool actually served a really unintended, but valuable,purpose – My 2 1/2 year old daughter saw me testing it and asked to”play the color game”. I hooked up a mouse and she was off andrunning, announcing the colour and then selecting it, celebratingon each new colour.