Where’s the ability for users to comment?

I received three separate reader emails today asking why I don’t”allow” comments on this blog. Each desired the ability to addtheir voice regarding a post (the Fanatics andZealots post), but unfortunately the infrastructurejust isn’t there. These certainly aren’t the first, and I normallyaverage about one similar request every other day.


Three in one day, however, demands some sort of formalreply.

As I’ve mentioned previously,I don’t use the Radio Userland comment system because it’s terriblyslow. While I’ve rolled my owncomment system, until I feel that I can automagicallyprevent spam to a degree that doesn’t necessitate me babysitting itaround the clock, I’m not going to enable comments. I also don’twant to force moderation on all comments, as the delay untilposting tends to irritate some readers (who view it as a form ofcensorship). And then, of course, I will be forced tocensor some comments on occasion, and that’ll build evenmore of an angry mob.

In any case, at this point I’m not sure if I’m ever going toenable comments. Not only is the industry moving away from comments (because of the spam problem), buteveryone with an opinion has the ability, and the power, to post ontheir own blog (creating a new one if necessary – there are plentyof free services) their opinion about another blog’s content. Tomake this option even better, some aggregators, like technorati,let you see all of the blog postings that are related to aparticular blog or blog entry.

The ability to comment, with the freedom to comment without anycensorship ability of the original author. Seems like an idealsituation. Call me an idiot from the freedom of your own “house”,so to speak.