Web 2.0 / The AJAX World – The Performance of Browsers

I have to wash my hands after writing that title.

The rise of heavily-scripted, dynamic, content-rich webapplications might open the browser wars on a new front -speed.

While the front-runners (I’m thinking of InternetExplorer, Firefox, andOpera) are very similar infeatures at this point, the performance delta for script heavysites is remarkable (by a factor of 5x or more). Even the laughablytrivial yaflaColorshows a significant performance difference between thebrowsers, with Opera providing a smooth, consistent operation (e.g.sliders move cleanly, with a smooth colour transition), Firefoxtrailing behind a bit, and Internet Explorer lagging far behind,with a clunky, unpleasant interface on all but the highestperformance client PCs. This pretty much mirrors some of thenumbers found on the browserspeed comparison (where Internet Explorer yielded a “60”on their script test, with Opera 9 zooming past with a “13” – thelower the number the proportionally better).