Canadian Launch Tour 2005

I will be at the Canadian LaunchTour for Visual Studio 2005/SQL Server 2005 (at the CongressCentre in Toronto) on November 8th, and will post notes and photosabout it (hopefully as it happens). I’m looking forward to it, andmaybe I’ll see some of you there.

If there was one thing that Microsoft keeps doingthat I wish they’d stop is the whole “mostimportant/biggest/impressive release ev4r!“. I’m reading someof the Microsoft bloggers make this claim, and it just rings sofalse – I am very excited about both of these products, and myexperience with them thus far (and through the beta and CTP cycle)has been very positive, but it’s very cry-wolfish of Microsoft todeclare every release the most important ever to try to gain extraattention. A part of the reason Microsoft Live was accepted socynically was all of the “great new turn-on-a-dime strategy!” B.S.coming out of Redmond.

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