Blogging from Launch Tour 2005

As mentioned previously, I plan on “blogging”about, or possibly even from, the Toronto instance of Launch Tour2005 this coming Tuesday. Unfortunately I’ve yet to hearif there is any sort of public connectivity at the venue (I sent anemail to Mark Relph this morning, but alas – no reply. Maybe onejust needs to blog about these things nowadays to get any respect -Mark, if you read this tell me if there’s connectivity there.Thanks!), and I don’t plan on using my exorbitant cell data ratefor uploading pictures, so we’ll see. It may not be posted untilthat evening. We’ll see.

On another note, apparentlythe Canadian audience will be given “special editions” of theStandard Edition of SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 (what’sspecial about them Maybe some sort of license clause like “don’tdo anything commercial with it”). I’m not quite sure why this evenmatters, as presumably most of the audience will already have itvia the MSDN library. Freebies at events are usually a bad thing asthey draw people for all of the wrong reasons – I hated beingat Comdex LV and trying to get real info, but instead you’refighting with throngs of geeks trying desperately to get a free$5-value t-shirt (coupled with exhibitors that built their entirepresentation around giveaways. Yeah, I flew here so I could get afree pen and a tote bag emblazoned with some embarrassinglogo).

Mark needs a better digital camera I think.