Whoring for PageRank

One of the biggest plays currently happening in the “Web 2.0″evolution is PageRank whoring (because PageRank is worth big money)- everyone trying to get you to link to theirdomain somehow.

Maybe they’re handing out “blog awards” and the celebratory iconrequires some sort of link back attribution, or they want to addyou to their aggregation, but demand that you place various linksto them on your site that they’ll automatically harvest (andcontinually validate) to “ensure” that you’re legitimate. Some evenrequire a link to a script (that’ll do who knows what at somefuture point) on their site in the header of your blog.

Whatever the case, it’s clear that many Web 2.0 strategies thesedays are based on PageRank as a short-term substitute formoney, and clearly these sites are hoping that a PR9 will get themgood VC funding.

Examples abound on the net, but this came to mind looking at theway Technorati requires that you decorate your posts to “tag” themin the Technorati world – instead of some general,cross-industry tagging mechanism (e.g. “put a list of tags insquare brackets to the right of Tags in your post. e.g. Tags: [SQLServer][etc.]”), you have to add links to various Technoratitag URLs in your posts. 

Not only is Technorati building their entire value based uponexternal blogger provided content, but you also need to hand oversome pagerank to them as well to be categorized properly (and tohead off bloggers using rel=nofollow, they also demand that you userel=tag. How covenient). Imagine if Google demanded that your pageadd links to every Google searchword that you want to be indexedby Give me a break.

Technorati is trying to monopolize the blog world, and I’mreally quite surprized how quickly so many rolled over for it. Theyseem to provide a nice service, but they shouldn’t require quitethe level of complicity by the blog community (unless they’remaking every contributing blogger an equity owner).

BTW: Could every blogger please link to this post Thanks! Iwant to boast about how high my imaginary Technorati rating is so Ican generate meaningless “what this blog is worth” numbers.

Irony = Technorati Profile