AdSense Keeps Growing

AdSense, for thoseliving under a rock, is advertising revenue for the little guy -You display Google ads on your micro-site, and Google gives you apiece of the action. It’s the reason you see those “Ads byGoooooooooogle” all over the place, and it really changed thelandscape of the web: Previously the only monetary action on thelow-end was referral type activity (e.g. GoToMyPC or Amazonbooks).

Given the proliferation of click-fraud, I was sure that AdSensewould go the way of the dodo, or would see significant changes, andI wasn’talone. Surprising, then, when I see that Google has now spreadout to a referral system as well, where once you sign up forAdSense (use that handy button up above!), you can refer others andstart, err, monetizing their income to a small amount as well. Ofcourse Google’s business plan with AdSense largely revolves aroundtheir $100 minimum payout (which relates to referrals as well):Millions upon millions of small sites and dreamy blogs get into theGoogle Adsense game, displaying billions of ads, and the reality isthat the overwhelming majority of them will never hit $100. They’llnever need to be paid.

Pretty sweet deal for Google. Unfortunately it’s yet anotherincentive for the spammers and miscreants, and you can expect tosee advertisements even more pervasively than the current glut.When will Google’s honeymoon end?