Launch Tour 2005 – Toronto – Part II – The Bounty

As is the norm for events like this, they gave out goodies toentice the uninterested. To ensure that people didn’t get theirsoftware and flee, they didn’t do the give-outs until the end(apart from the notepad and crappy branded pen that they gave outat the beginning), handing out the bounty in plastic bags as youreturned your nametag necklace. This technique worked well, asseveral times throughout the event I heard people comment on the”carrot” that was keeping them there “if they couldstay awake“, which really is sad. It’s sad because there was atonne of fantastic content, but people have become so acclimated tothe goody bags that they focus far too intently on it.

I laughed to see that there was the standard $5 t-shirt, notsurprizingly in the size XL (why do computer/software shows alwaysgive out XL?).


The ready to launch CD holder contains 4 CDs -two Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition CDs, a SQL Server 2005Standard Edition CD, an MSDN Library CD, and CD keys. The other CDcontains event related content, although apparently the slides area bit out of sync with what they presented (which is standard forevents like that. The presenters were likely tweaking their slideseven that morning).
Also included was a “coupon” to receive Biztalk2006 Developer Edition when it’s released, a free certificationexam, and a single client-access license for SQL Server (so if youdecide to take advantage of SQL Server 2005 Standard for your shop,you’ll likely need some more CALs. Per the USpricing page, it would cost you $648 to get it up to the level[5 CALS] of a retail SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition, yielding anet savings of $237. Not bad for a freebie. Of course many peoplethese days are buying the per-processor license – recommended forthings like Internet accessible sites – in which case this freebieis useless to them).