Launch Tour 2005 – Toronto – Part IV – Session II – Visual Team Systems

12:00pm – 1:30pm

3.5 stars

Back in the big room again. This was a fairly good session,giving an overview of a huge project lifecycle and integrationsuite in far too short of a time. The presenters, whose names Iunfortunately didn’t catch, were a study of contrasts – one seemedpoised and prepared, while the other seemed disjointed andconstantly at a loss for words. I’d be nervous in front of a crowdlike that too, but it was the contrast that made it so evident.


VSTS is far too big of a product to give it justice in a shortpresentation – or a short blog entry – but the demo wasimpressive, and if it works as well as it looks in the real worldthen it will definitely be a marketplace winner.