Launch Tour 2005 – Toronto – Part V – Session III – Delivering Business Insight

1:30pm – 3:00pm

4.5 stars

This session covers the trio of Integration Services, AnalysisServices, and Reporting Services.

After a funny intro video (including some snide back and forthbetween an “IT Pro” and a “Developer”. Not sure what an IT Pro wassupposed to be, but it sounds like it’s the new Microsoft lingo foradministrative type roles. The video included comments like thedeveloper calling the IT Pro a “glorified DJ”, and the IT Prosaying about development “A monkey could do that”. Quite funny),the session got underway. This was a full house, and covered topicslike integration services (formerly DTS – which has seen some hugeimprovements), including a demonstration of its performanceimprovements (processing and importing 2 million rows in seconds),data cleansing and “AI” abilities, among other advances.

The discussion then moved on to Analysis services, XML/A andunified dimensional model, data mining (such as the demonstratedassociative model), key performance indicators, and the dashboard.Very informative.

It then moved to reporting services, demonstrating howdevelopers could create and deploy reports, and how even relativelyuntrained users could do the same.