Launch Tour 2005 – Toronto – Part VI – Session IV – High Availability SQL Server

3:00pm – 4:00pm

4.0 stars

Obviously my observations are getting shorter and more terse(I’ll probably expand them tomorrow), but this session covered someof the high availability solutions available with SQL Server 2005.For instance the not-yet “released” database mirroring, onlinereindexing, partial database availability, zero-init improvements,fast recovery, peer to peer transactional replication, snapshotversioning of rows, among other availability improvements. Veryexciting improvements that should significantly improve the alreadyimpressive availability of SQL Server. The demonstrations wereclear and evidentiary of the features, demonstrating a corruptdatabase, readers simultaneous with writers, taking a server in amirrored configuration offline, and other new features. Veryinteresting.