SANs and Virtual PCs

Does anyone know if it’s possible to simulate a SAN on a PC?e.g. a VirtualPC session, or even on another machine, mounted as aSAN on the local machine Whether the server is in Linux orWindows, preferrably the client will be available from Windowsmachines (e.g. via iSCSI, or a proprietary driver). This is just out of curiousityabout a technology matter.

On a completely different note, based upon some feedback I’veadded a new category – Everything– that all posts will go to (well unless I forget to check thecheckbox). To explain – when I post something I choose whichcategories that it will go to. If, for instance, I’m talking abouta weekend outing, I’ll send it to Personal but not to the homepage. If I’m writing about .NET generally, I’ll send it to .NET andthe home page, unless it’s highly technical (e.g. code) in whichcase I’ll leave it only in .NET. The home page is meant as a moregenerally readable section, while the categories are more interestspecific. Often there will be overlaps – for instance .NET willcontain a lot of the same content as the home page section if I’vebeen writing a lot about Microsoft/.NET topics.

However some people just wanted to see everything,regardless of categorization, so that category now exists. I’vebeen pushing stuff there for the past couple of days.