Living Well

Over the past year we’ve made it the norm in our family that wehave a salad with most dinners (some dinners don’t really work wellwith a salad, so this rule is more general than absolute). We buybig tub things of mixed greens (Fortinos, a local branding ofLoblaws – I think they made an Italian sounding name to pander tothe nearby Hamilton market – has an awesome very high quality,organic, already cleaned tub with something like 2KG of mixedgreens for ~$5. With proper storage it lasts for about a week), andthen add in some cut green onions, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, andwhatever else tempts our taste buds that night.

The health benefits are unquestionable, but more importantlyit’s an epicurean delight.

It is remarkable how accessible, and inexpensive, suchquality-of-life improvements really are.