Online Surveys

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of “we’d love to get yourfeedback about the [Product you purchased or Eventyou attended]. Please take at few moments and fill out our surveyat …” request emails. Usually they have the carrot of sometrivial low-value prize. Other times they exhort you to help makethe world a better place by giving some feedback.

There was a time, quite a few years ago, when I enjoyed fillingout these surveys, and I actually participated. I really, trulyfelt that I was helping improve events and products, and generallymaking the world a better place. And hey, there’s a 1 in 1,000,000chance of winning a $10 Amazon coupon!

It was on someone else’s time anyways (most of these are sentto employees at workplaces who are more likely to give up 15minutes or more for some random survey), so why not?

Nowadays I never fill out online surveys – I’ve become toojaded about them. All opinion companies pull the same grossabuse-of-trust scam, which is the old “tell you that it’s onlya couple of minutes, but really it’s 20 pages long with 10questions on each page, with absolutely no indicator of how far youare. Ha ha ha sucker!“. Of course they’re hoping that onceyou’ve committed the time for the first 4 pages, you’re going tokeep pushing yourself to finish what you started.”Okay…fine…just one more set of questions,” untilyou’ve burned 45 minutes of your time to help an opinion companyget a commission.