Late Night Visitor -or- The Unwanted Present

Motion activated lights are a fantastic way to see nocturnalcreatures on the prowl.

Last night, for instance, the lights triggered. Mywife looked out to see a skunk on our patio, casually partaking ofsome delicious French bread (when we have fresh bread I oftentoss the leftovers out back. Between the birds and the nighttimecreatures it’s gone by morning, and it’s infrequent enough to beunanticipated and non-habit forming for the neighbourhoodfriends).

Sensing an opportunity to educate our awake-far-too-late Sr.Toddler daughter a bit, I brought her over to look out at theskunk. She burst out crying.

“My toys are outside! Bring my toys in! My toys!” (there was alittle plastic bicycle, and a couple of toy gardening implementsoutside)

After finally getting her to settle down a bit, I got her totell me what was upsetting her.

“The skunk is going to poop on my toys!”