yaflaColor Improvements

I took a few moments today and rolled out some improvements toyaflaColor.

  • There are 10 color “save” positions. Drag the appropriate eyedropper to a color you want to persist. The save panels, likeall other color panels, can be used to select the currentcolor. Single click on the appropriate eyedropper to clear aposition.
  • If you want to “persist” your settings, click on thelinked Red/Green/Blue link beside the hex string andit’ll capture your selections in the URL – you can thenbookmark or share this URL
  • There have been some speed/robustness improvements to theobject handling


Again, I have to add the standard disclaimer I addeverytime I mention this: It is a very simple little tool that Icreated primarily to scratch my own itch, however hopefully it’suseful to someone else.

BTW: Why did I “publish” this tool PageRank. I’ve gotten a lotof inbound links to it from people who appreciate the usefulnessand ease of use, and those inbound links help my pagerank cause. Soif you like it and enjoy it, I’d appreciate if you linked it.Thanks!