AHAH – The Color of The Shed

Earlier today, while perusing the meme sites to see where thegroupthink arrow is pointed today, I came across links to thefollowing highly-ranked (at least by anonymous numerics) page.


I checked the calendar to see if it was April 1st, but alas itdoes not appear to be. This actually appears to be serious.

This is where the AJAX-trendhas brought us – people who have contributed nothing to the globalknowledge pool are rushing to remora off of the creations ofothers and claim it as their own. Every obvious potential use for aprogrammatic element can become a cheap acronym that someone canappend their name to, desperately hoping that they earn some famefor their heroic act of sitting on the sidelines and naming thingsyears after they’ve entered common use. The fact that the linkedpage uses the term “discovered” to describe the “discovery” of themost obvious and prevalent use of the XMLHTTPRequest (and friends)object is mind-boggling.