DNS Wildcards

It always surprizes me that large domains don’t configure commonmistypes of their subdomains in their DNS. For instance


For that website it only works as http://www.microsoft.com, orhttp://microsoft.com. It seemslogical that they should add the common derivatives in, pointthem to a multi-host-header site that does nothing but redirect tohttp://www.microsoft.com,and voila – A lot of sloppy-typing users save a bit of timeand avoid a bit of frustration.

Microsoft actually makes use of a lot of their subdomains (e.g.research.microsoft.com, msdn.microsoft.com), however for smallersites it could simply be a wildcard entry. Even if there are lotsof subdomains, the redirect logic could do some analysis of thetyped in entry and figure out the likely destination. e.g.madn.microsoft.com probably wanted msdn.microsoft.com, andresrch.microsoft.com probably wanted research.microsoft.com.

Of course yafla.com isn’t configured like that – I don’t controlthe DNS in this case so I didn’t have the option.