Social Proof and Downloadable Software

If you’re thinking of providing a demo or limited-use version ofyour software, pay for the bandwidth andhost it yourself. It is an enormous waste oftime for potential customers – not to mention that it’s incrediblyinsulting – when you host at one of the big “make you follow 7links, then sit in a queue, and then download a potentiallytampered executable at a reduced speed” 3rd party file hosts thatseem to be all the rage these days.

Bandwidth is relatively cheap nowadays, coming in at lessthan 8 cents a GB at many providers.

What does this have to do with social proof Well if you hostyour demo or lite version at one of the aforementioned file hosts,my immediate presumption is that a very tiny percentage ofusers actually pay for the software: What else could justify suchan abuse of clients?

Given this obvious conclusion, the power of social proof pushesme to lean against purchasing it either.