Regaining the Flow

Getting back into the flow after the holiday break.

In addition to branded software, yafla also providesconsulting and custom software development (in the Greater TorontoArea), which has kept me extremely busy over the pastwhile. That’s an area of the business that I haven’t really writtenabout (primarily because I keep client project and platform detailsstrictly confidential), however I have a case study where theclient is interested in getting their name out there, and the need- and from it the solution – are really interesting and noteworthy,so I might start working it in.

As an aside – both the survey component and yaflaColor arecurrently broken (as of this writing). Both have been updated to.NET 2.0, and for some reason my third-party host has an issuewhere helper assemblies are being locked by an outside process,possibly due to synchronization issues with the NAS. This should beresolved shortly. I’ve let them sit broken for the day simplybecause they’re non-critical and it lets the 3rd party solve theproblems on their end.