Visiting The Ontario Science Centre

We hadn’t gone to the Ontario Science Centre for quite a fewyears (maybe 7 or 8 years), but after a mini-trip to Ottawa, andthen a trip to Niagara Falls, were called off due to inclementweather (the former because it was too warm, and the latter becauseit was too cold), we decided to just bring the kids to the OntarioScience Centre today.

The place has improved dramatically.



7 years ago the OSC was largely full of malfunctioningequipment – leftovers from the original installation – and a lot ofrather terrible computer demonstrations powered by Apple MacClassics (though of course they weren’t called Classics when theyfirst made them, but they still were eye-opening to a lot ofvisitors years back, when the idea of a mouse controlled GUI waspretty novel).

A few of the better old displays still exist, include some MacClassics still going strong, but they are now supported by a lot offabulous new displays that kept our 3 year old overloaded withexcitement until closing time. She is on the young end for a visitto the OSC (although the KidSpark area was perfect for her), buteven much older children were having a blast. Parents werelearning something as well, and indeed parents were often the firstto start pressing the buttons or pulling the levers on theinteractive displays.

All in all it really has improved, and was a very enjoyablevisit. It’s great to see such an attraction getting a facelift(much of it is ongoing, with several huge new improvements beingbuilt right now).

Now if Toronto could get a real world-class Aquarium.