Software Development & Application Training

I have been considering the possibility of yafla providing training services,developing and delivering programs here in the Greater Toronto Area(and globally where the monetary return makes it worthwhile),adding this service to the existing software development, outsourcemanagement, and consulting options. Not only is it an additionalrevenue stream, much more importantly it’s another potential avenuefor making contacts and getting involved as a vendor with newclients, creating opportunities to more easily offer our otherservices.

I’ve done a lot of group training in the corporate space, havebeen involved in quite a few tutorials and online training guides,and find it to be a very rewarding pursuit. Several of myassociates have been heavily involved in the trainingindustry during periods of their career. The possibility ofhosting an “Advanced SQL Server” seminar or workshop, for example,seems very exciting.

We’re very equipped to perform this task, and we certainly cando a better job than all of the trainers I’ve been exposed to. Ourapproach would never be to dedicate anyone to training alone (oreven as a substantial period of their time), as continuing andup-to-date real-world experience would beabsolutely critical to the program.

As such, I’d greatly appreciate any input anyone might haveregarding the technical training industry, and howexternal training programs work at their organization. I know manymid- to large-sized firms have an “authorized training vendor”,basically ensuring a universally weak level of training throughouttheir organization, and that could present a significant barrier toentry.