Riya Approaches Beta

I’ve written about before, once as a skeptic,and once when it was the subject of yet another ficitional acquisition. Well it looks like itwill prove its colors soon, as it is apparently approaching beta.

I look forward to giving it a spin (a promise to have an alphalook never came through). I have great hopes for this product,presuming that it lives up to the grand claims made about it.

One thing that revives my skepticism, though, is seeing theCEO of Riya provide the following update regarding the facialrecognition:

“We’ve completely revamped the recognition anddetection engines.  Diem, Danny, and Vincent completelyretrained our face detectors in a mere 45 days – an amazingfeat.”

When a company is hyped into the market based uponunprecedented facial recognition capabilities, the likes of whichthe industry has never seen (the facial recognition B.S. you’veheard in the media and seen in fictional television shows isgenerally nonsense. Facial recognition in the real world isextremely primitive), and they just “revamp” it in 45 days?