Wikies For Everyone

After fielding several wiki-related queries by clients andassociates, along with numerous questions and comments online, itis evident that it’s the Year of the Wiki. Wikipedia has proven the concept,and users have a growing awareness of the benefits that organicinformation growth could bring to their teams.

As such, I’m putting together a feature covering wiki optionsand alternatives, including specific instructions for configuringand using Wikis on Windows (as this is a particularly neglectedarea, and much of the information that exists is terribly out ofdate or quite simply non-functional). Of course yafla provides turnkey Wiki solutionsand training as a service as well.

One more point: The consulting work has always overflowedpurely from word-of-mouth and associate networking, so the businesswebsite has always been terrible (sort of the whole “the cobblerhas the worst shoes” thing). As yafla is now entering a growthstage, wailing past the temporary manpower limit, I’m finallygoing to change the corporate website to properly reflect theservices and capabilities of the organization, and actually allowoptions for prospective clients to engage our services. That shouldbe up shortly, growing and improving rapidly over the comingweeks.

Three yafla resource “shout-outs”:

yaflaColor– A dynamic web tool to select colors, including proper saturationand lightness varations of colors
pureJpeg – Remove extraneous JPEG blocks
High Performance SQL Server – Information to ensure yourdatabase designs and usage are optimal

Have a fantastic weekend!