Hans Island and Denmark


A while back, during the public spat between Canada and Denmark over Hans Island (a”conflict” that continues to this day), I tongue-in-cheekregistered the domain nukedenmark.com (which is, of course,ridiculous given that Canada is a non-nuclear nation, not tomention that Denmark is a close ally. The whole situation wassomewhat ridiculous and I was poking fun at it).

To avoid those people who would take it a bit too seriously, Iregistered it with the hidden registrar functionality,using a proxy to hide my details (a feature that you can pay extrafor).

The current events involving Denmark — or rather a fringenewspaper in Denmark, which somehow has become all of Denmark’sproblem — reminded me that I’d registered it. I decided totake a look to ensure that it doesn’t expire, possibly intothe hands of someone less benevolent.

I visited GoDaddy, but discovered that I couldn’tremember the details of the account that I used originally forit. Sure enough they offer several reminder features,including one where it’ll email you your customer # when you punch in a domain.Punching in nukedenmark.com, it then verifies the email address as”Email Address:*******@yafla.com” before sending theemail. So much for proxy privacy.

I found this a bit hilarious. I used the Domains by Proxyfeature, but here it is publicly stating for anyone that thecontact is @ yafla, which of course is a small number ofpeople.

For those who wonder, I actually did create a humorous websitefor the domain, including a “live” webcam (it was pure white) and”conflict” details, however I had hestitations realizing that someare born without a sense of humor.