RBC and the Canadian Olympic Team – Selfish Sponsorship

I once worked for RBC, andstill have a lot of their branded material around. It was an okayemployer for the time.

However I simply have to get something off my chest about RBC’ssponsorship of the Canadian Olympic team: Do they have to milk itso much?

So far watching the Olympics I have been subjected to probably200 RBC ads (in the FIRST DAY) where they glowingly talk about howselfless and important they are to the Olympic team. In oneparticularly vile ad they give a mock-up of a 1947 event when thehockey team needed funding to get to the Olympics and an RBC rep,upon being asked, replies “I think we can do something” (which wasnebulous enough to make me wonder if they fully paid…or theypartly paid, or if they only offered a line of credit).

I am curious to know how much RBC actually gave theOlympic team compared to how much they’ve spent telling everyoneabout how much they’ve given. I suspect (completely baselessspeculation) that the latter represents a much, much largernumber.

Sort of like the tobacco company that gave $100K of food to afoodbank, and then spent tens of millions telling everyone aboutit.