Messrs (the plural form of both Mr. and Monsieur) is a ratherodd little word, and was previously relegated to only fringe legaltext. Now, at least here in Canada, it is everywhere — acrossevery newspaper, in letters to the editor, in blog entries, and soon.

I find this fascinating, as I first saw this outside of academictexts about two years ago in one column of the National Post.Slowly it took root, appearing in more and more columns, until nowit appears to be in their standard style text: Somehow everyarticle must talk about multiple men, if only to fit a Messrs inthere.

Quickly it spread: to the Globe and Mail, and then the TorontoStar, and I’ve even seen it appearing in the Toronto Sun.

Fascinating how a piece of language is so by example, which wassort of the point of my prior spellingmatters entry.