This Blog’s 6 Month Anniversary

I’ve been doing this as a somewhat regularly updated blog forjust over half a year now, and the results have been extremelysatisfying: I get about ~2500 direct unique visitors onan average day (increasing 2-6x when something ends up being ameme-of-the-day on sites like Reddit or Digg, and of course manyread via aggregators), search engine referrals are up to 200 or soa day, and viewing the “who’s on” list is a laundry listof influential corporations and locations across theglobe.

It does feed my ego a little bit seeing visitors from variousgovernments, the CIA, nuclear research labs, just about every largefinancial company, and visitors from every end of the globe. Mynumbers aren’t huge, but it’s a perfect composite of influentialand knowledgeable readers.

The most popular entries thus far are as follows (I’mproviding the static versionlinks where possible):

Effectively Integrating Into Software Development Teams
Optimal Software Development Processes and Practices
Spelling Matters
Everyone Is Above Average – The Overpopulated Top 2%

I’ve tried to minimize the number of entries (outside of thepersonalcategory, though this anniversary one being an exception) to keepthe noise as low as possible — if you’re using a reader itwon’t constantly pretend there’s new content when I’mjust adding a peanutgallery comment about someone else’s blog — though on theflip side that means that I’ve delayed various .NET and SQL entriesuntil they’re “perfect”. 

Perhaps I might have to find a compromise somewhere inbetween.