Firefox Extension – Rationing and Reporting

I’ve been contemplating doing a Firefox Extension as a personalenrichment technology project (obviously extensions aren’t apotential revenue market), and have played around with therudiments: Tremendously powerful, and very easy to take each step,and while there are specifics that I haven’t nailed down, most ofthe enabling functionality for the following requirements seems tobe there.


Before I waste the time I thought I’d put a general query to seeif anyone has seen anything like this (searches yield nothing thatlooks similar).

  • Record and report the time spent on all sites, or selectedsites (e.g. defined by regex patterns, or groups of regexpatterns), allowing for various reporting levels. e.g. domain,subdomain, folder, document, etc. Reporting could be facilitatedvia the new SVG or canvas functionality.
  • Based upon the recorded time, allow the user to “ration” theirown access. e.g. “Limit me to 20 minutes of Slashdot per day” or”Limit me to 60 minutes of Reddit, Digg, Slashdot, andJoelOnSoftware per week”.

Like most software developers, I peruse the various technologysites during the day, and in the interest of good time management,not to mention that such a tool could be useful for billingpurposes, I want to have an accurate grasp of exactly how muchtime I spend at specific sites, or a group of sites for thatmatter. Apart from status bar indicators of the time spent, andperhaps time “remaining”, the product could be more interesting ifit actively blocked further access to that site until you indicatedmoral weakness and selected the override feature.

Come across anything like this?