Quicklinks on Blog Entries

I’ve received a couple of fantastic comments about troubles thatpeople have faced adding items from here to their del.icio.usbookmarks, namely because Radio Userland uses a constant title forall entries (and del.icio.usautomatically uses the title, so three different entries getthe same title if you fail to manually override its choice). Thecommon title problem was one of the reasons I created thenotables static listing, though of course that listing is justa subsection of entries.

To help with this issue, I’ve added quicklinks below each entryto add it to your del.icio.us bookmarks, furl bookmarks, to Digg itor to Reddit it (which will link to an existing entry if one isalready on there), and to check for Technorati links (there areseldom Technorati links because most of the readers here aren’tbloggers, or they aren’t the sort of bloggers that comment on everysite they visit. I’d get a big boost in the Technorati rankings ifI started pandering to the incestuous blogging community). I’ve mirroredthese items to the static section as well.