Which Is More Valuable – Idea or Implementation?

A recurring argument on software development boards, often witha backstory involving a developer teaming up with an idea-man andthen having second-thoughts about the equity split, debates therelative value of ideas versus implementation. Who is worth more tothe team: The one who did the hard work of coding, or the guy whothought up the web app in the first place?

The predominate opinion is usually that the implementation isextraordinarily valuable, while the idea is close to worthless.”Ideas are cheap” the posters often claim. “There arean endless number of good ideas out there.

Anyone can think up good ideas. Few can put them intopractice.

So I ask you: What value are ideas? If you werea developer that teamed up with someone who had a clever idea for aweb app, even perhaps just a couple of interesting twists that giveit a potential competitive edge, how much value would you givetheir contribution?

This is a very contentious issue in the software developmentcommunity, and it’s one I plan on addressing in an upcomingentry.

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